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Welcome to the GM0HCQ.COM website.  The website name is derived from one of my amateur radio call-signs, but this site is not dedicated to radio.  Most of the information on here relates to my work with the British Antarctic Survey,  on board the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross.

From this home page you will find links, to the left, to other parts of the site,  giving you access to images,  information and webcams.  

Please note that if you want a QSL card I am now only QSLing direct for all contacts .  All contacts will be on e-QSL (where you can print the current QSL card from) and LoTW.  If you wish to have a card from me then please QSL direct.  Full details on the QSL page

Latest image from the James Clark Ross webcam.      Mike in the Radio Room.

Mike Gloistein

gm0hcq @