Communications Issues from the Arctic - Summer 2017


The image above shows the outer limits of the NSS7 Satellite,  which is located above the Equator at 20W.  The area with yellow shading should allow us some form of signal,  but with the satellite a maximum of 3 or less above the horizon it will not be as good as usual and just a slight bit of rolling could mean the satellite vanishing below the horizon and the signal being lost briefly.  However it should be good enough for our email to continue and possibly some of our phone lines.

Once we cross into the red shaded area the satellite will be below the horizon and no more communications via our V-sat system.  This ship does have,  as a backup,  an Iridium based satellite phone that works on a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites but this is not as good as our usual system.  There is a good chance that once we enter the red shaded area that we will be in there for over two weeks and so for those of you with family or friends on board it will mean a period of silence from the ship.  It is highly unlikely that I will be able to update this website,  as that relies on the V-sat system.  All is not lost as our Automatic Weather Station will continue to send regular updates,  which will include the position of the James Clark Ross and these can be found HERE and via the link at the top of the page.  However it should be noted that this is a third party site and should it not show any position updates that will not be because we have vanished but due to a processing issue,  which does happen from time to time.