Updated 30th September 2019

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The Royal Research Ship Sir David Attenborough has been officially named.  On Thursday 26th September the ceremony was held,  with Sir David Attenborough present and the ship was named by The Duchess of Cambridge. The weeks preceding this event were  busy ones for everyone involved with the ship,  and a large Ice Worlds exhibition had been set up for three days of celebration.

'Dressing' a ship on these occasions is a traditional thing to do and the team working in Birkenhead have worked hard to get all the flags up and spanning the length of the ship.

In addition to this,  the Royal Standard for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is also flown. 

The Royal party, along with Sir David Attenborough,  had a brief tour of the ship,  which included the Dining Mess,  Galley,  Coffee Lounge,  the Heli-deck (seen here meeting local school children) and then up to the Bridge.  Officers and Crew were on hand to explain how the ship will operate.

For those of you that would like to have a look around the same route taken by the Royal party,  then the following link will take you to a virtual tour of these areas on the ship.  This was filmed two days prior to the naming ceremony and gives an excellent insight as to how the ship looks.  Click HERE  or via this link https://media.hi-impact.co.uk/sda/

During the Ice Worlds exhibition we were able to display this lovely cast bust of Sir David Attenborough,  along with a stunning painting (that for some reason I don't appear to have a photo of!) and both of these will take pride of place on board the ship once we are operational.

I will be heading home in a few days for my next leave period and will not be back at the yard until early November,  when I would hope to write my next update.



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