Updated 2nd December 2020

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On Friday 27th November the RRS Sir David Attenborough was accepted by BAS/NERC and the following day the first full crew joined the ship.

The next few months will be spent preparing the ship for her next trip to sea,  heading north to the Arctic and Svalbard to carry out ice trials.  During our time in Holyhead the crew will be carrying out drills on a daily basis and unpacking equipment and stores,  which need to be stored in the correct locations on board.  Not all of the crew have been involved in the build and so for some this is the first time that they have been on board,  so it is important for all to learn their way around.

The SIr David Attenborough all fast alongside Holyhead.  Whilst alongside it allows all on board to learn more about the ship and prepare for our time at sea.

The Conference Room with the ship model in the background.

Looking the opposite way in the Conference with a picture and bust of Sir David Attenborough taking pride of place.

The Sir David Attenborough has a dedicated boat garage,  where our two Humber inflatable boats,  engines and spares are kept.  This makes for much easier maintenance of these very important assets which are used routinely at Bird Island and Signy plus to support science projects.

Having now been on board for a few nights I think that I have settled in and am getting used to living on board a ship once again.