Updated 14th July  2019

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I am now back in Liverpool and working in the shipyard across the river in Birkenhead.  Since my last work period the RRS Sir David Attenborough has been moved within the dock to allow another ship to arrive for refit work to be carried out.  This means that if you are driving past the yard you will get a much better view of our new ship.

Much has happened whilst I have been away,  including removing the protective covering on the outside of the Bridge windows,  which has let daylight in and opened up the space.  The bridge now looks huge!  Also some of the upper hull has received a coat of white paint,  contrasting with the bright red of the lower hull section.

Looking forward from the Starboard side of the Bridge,  with lots of natural light.  The consoles,  protected by wooden boxes,  are in the process of having all the wiring connected from below,  with large amounts of wiring that will be hidden beneath the deck once complete.

Looking from the Port side forward.  One big difference to the RRS James Clark Ross is that a number of the Bridge windows are full length,  which means that they will be fitted with window wipers from above and below to keep the view clear.  This picture also shows the deck support structure,  beneath which the wiring runs.  The cable runs are fixed and actually take up little of the space available, with the spaces between cable trays to be filled with insulation.  One think that we won't be feeling on the RRS Sir David Attenborough is the cold!

Some of the cable trays with beautifully laid cables.  I am always impressed at the skill that the cable pullers have to get cables from perhaps as far away as the Engine Room,  run up through the numerous decks of the ship and then to finally make it to exactly the right place at the far end.  Special cable glands are used when running cables between decks or through bulkheads and these have to be filled correctly to ensure both water and smoke integrity.

The view on Friday 12th July with painting work being carried out along the Port side of the ship.  To the right of the ship's name can be seen large windows,  still protected.  These are the windows that look out from the dining area,  which will offer fantastic views whilst enjoying our meals.




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