Updated 16th January 2019

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I was down in the dock bottom last week to have a look at the hull and see where various transducers (used for acoustic science depth determination) and the first thing to be seen is the intakes for the bow thrusters.  The SDA has two bow and two stern thrusters,  which will be used as part of the dynamic position system to help hold the vessel in position whilst carrying out science operations.

At the other end of the Sir David Attenborough can be found the propellers and the rudders.  The rudders are variable pitch and the pitch is adjusted to change the speed of the vessel,  with the propellers running at a fixed RPM.

Some sixty steps from the dock bottom to the top.  There are a number of stairways into the dry-dock and this set also has a chute which would have been used many years ago to transfer equipment to and from the dock bottom.  These days everything is craned into and out of the dry-dock.

Unpacking of the Bridge control equipment has started and this is the Port Bridge-wing console.  Once the consoles are in position the wiring up can then commence.

I am now on leave and not due back in the yard until the middle of February and the next update will be towards the end of February.


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