Updated 20th December 2018

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This is the Main Lab,  one of a number of labs that will be on board the RRS Sir David Attenborough,  along with the possibility to carry container labs if extra space or specialist facilities.  The lab is being fitted out,  in this picture some of the network wiring can be seen.  More cabling and other services will be run through the deck-head (ceiling).  The deck will be fitted with fixing points,  which will allow for different equipment on cruises to be easily installed and secured. This lab is much larger than the one on the RRS James Clark Ross (as are most of the spaces!).

The Forecastle is fully enclosed,  offering shelter and protection to the crew during mooring and berthing operations.  Inside the Forecastle are two large winches,  which are used to tension the lines when parking and also to both let go and weigh the anchors.  From the Forecastle it will be possible to gain access to the Foremast,  which will house a number of scientific instruments (mainly meteorological). The Foremast can be lowered when helicopter operations are taking place.

This picture shows the Foremast clearly on the bow.  A platform can be seen extending out from the side of the ship aft of the bow.  This leads into the Forecastle and allows the crew to throw heaving lines ashore when parking.  Once berthing operations are complete,  the door is closed and so provides watertight integrity to the Forecastle.

More winches,  this time at the other end of the ship and these are for scientific deployment.  These deployments will be carried out via either the aft gantry or the gantry that is on the Stbd side.  Packages will be sent down to depths ranging from just below the surface or to more than 5 or 6 km.

One of the more interesting things that I did this week was to climb the Main Mast,  which is a large structure currently being built the large hall adjacent to our offices at Cammell Laird.  This will be fitted to the ship in the New Year and will be where much of the equipment I am responsible for will be located (antennas etc).

I hope on the next update, in the New Year,  to cover some of the work that has been taking place on the Bridge this week,  with the consoles being lifted in,  ready to be fitted in place.


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