Last updated: Sunday 10th December 2017   

Rothera,  frustratingly,  continues to remain beyond our reach and so Sunday has been spent conducting science with CTD's and Shallow Underwater Camera deployments.

The weather has improved in that the wind has dropped,  but this is not really what we are wanting as a good blow is all that is going to change the ice conditions in the short term.  Fog and snow seems to be all we are enjoying just now,  to the west of Adelaide Island.

Snow covering the Humber inflatable boats and Aft Deck this morning.

The Aft Deck,  looking down from the Nav Bridge Deck this morning.

It does seem to have brightened up a little as the day has progressed and the sea has bee nice and calm throughout the day.

Noon Position Report Sunday 10th  December  2017 

Latitude: 66 46.95 S
Longitude: 070 28.97 W
Bearing: 311 T, 74 Nm from Rothera
Cruise Number: JR17001
Total Distance Travelled: 1868.9
Total Steam Time: 210.6
Total Average Speed: 8.9
Wind: Direction N, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: -1.1 C Sea Temp: -0.1 C
Pressure: 978 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


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