Last updated: Monday 11th December 2017      

Monday has proved to be a busy and varied day for the RRS James Clark Ross.  Whilst waiting on updated information on the ice situation the ship has been carrying out CTD and Shallow Underwater Camera work.  This morning BAS Twin Otter Bravo Charlie flew out to have a look at the ice conditions and report back to us,  and then late this afternoon Twin Otter Alfa Zulu,  fitted out with special instruments,  did a number of passes of the ship.

This rather large and majestic iceberg has been in our vicinity most of the day and all afternoon whilst we have been stopped on station for the flying operations.

Matt,  the Third Officer,  decided to calculate the height with the use of a sextant and knowing the distance the berg was from the ship.  Following some mathematics the result was the iceberg was 90m high.

VPF-AZ approaching the ship late this afternoon as part of the MASIN project.  The aircraft has been fitted out with instrumentation that takes airborne samples and these will be compared to  equipment that is fitted to the Foremast of the ship.

The  intention is for the JCR to head back into the pack ice for another attempt at getting through  it and to Rothera base.  The ice conditions may have eased following the slight blow that took place over the weekend.

Noon Position Report Monday 11th  December  2017 

Latitude: 66 40.35 S
Longitude: 069 55.61 W
Bearing: 320 T, 70 Nm from Rothera
Cruise Number: JR17001
Total Distance Travelled: 1868.9
Total Steam Time: 210.6
Total Average Speed: 8.9
Wind: Direction SW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: -1.1 C Sea Temp: -0 C
Pressure: 977.8 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


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