Last updated: Wednesday 13th December 2017     

The James Clark Ross is continuing on her passage to the north,  with a brief stop this afternoon to recover one of the gliders that we deployed on the way south.

As the ship is getting further north it is started to be affected by the weather in the Drakes Passage and I was on the Bridge a few moments ago looking at the large swell that has been building in the past few hours.  Out of nowhere the ship rolled almost 20 to starboard.  I have a feeling that we will see a few good rolls between here and Punta Areas.

In the early hours of Thursday we will be recovering another glider and then turn east and head in towards the South Shetland Islands and for Elephant Island,  from where the next batch of CTD deployments will commence.

Taken on Tuesday evening in much nicer conditions,  a tabular iceberg.  With sunshine and calm seas yesterday evening it was lovely to just admire the wonderful views as we passed large numbers of bergs,  of varying sizes and shapes.

For over a week HF conditions have not bee very good,  although I do seem to still be getting lots of WSPR signals from all over the world,  and I have now packed away the HF transceiver.  I will be updating the various electronic logs in the next few days.

Noon Position Report Wednesday 13th  December  2017 

Latitude: 63 47.90 S
Longitude: 066 11.28 W
Bearing: 295 T, 74 Nm from Anvers Island
Cruise Number: JR17001
Distance Travelled: 262
Total Distance Travelled: 2199.9
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 251
Average Speed: 10.9
Total Average Speed: 8.8
Wind: Direction NE, Force 6
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: -0.4 C Sea Temp: 1 C
Pressure: 975.2 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


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