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At 06:00 on Monday morning the RRS James Clark Ross dropped anchor in King Edward Bay,  off of Cumberland Bay,  South Georgia.  The anchorage is just a short distance from the base at King Edward Point and a similar distance from the abandoned whaling station of Grytviken and Sir Ernest Shackleton's grave.  It was raining!

With little wind the still grey waters of the cove offered some reflections of the landscape.  The water here is a stunning colour,  due to the melt ice from the local glaciers.

Looking across to the graveyard.  Sir Ernest Shackleton,  who died just across the water from here,  is buried here and his gravestone can just be seen in this picture.  Also in the picture are some elephant seals on the foreshore.

Looking across the cove to Grytviken and the lovely Norwegian church.  This building has been beautifully restored and has two bells,  one of which I heard ringing out over the cove this afternoon.  Most of the building from the whaling station have now been dismantled as they had become unsafe but much of the machinery remains.

It has been overcast all day and the mist has varied much throughout the day today.  It just makes the island look beautiful.

The base at King Edward Point,  South Georgia.  The cargo tender is alongside the jetty discharging cargo ashore.  This has been taking place throughout the day and will continue tomorrow.

Snow-capped mountains in the distance and a tour ship in Cumberland Bay.  During the summer season some 9,000 tourists will visit here and strict rules are in place as to where tourists can go and what they can  do.  These rules also apply to all on board the James Clark Ross.  The museum at Grytviken is well worth a visit should you happen to visit one day.

Looking across King Edward Cove towards Grytviken with the mountains in the background.

The cargo tender returning to the ship at the end of the working day,  with flat calm conditions.  Discounting the rain,  conditions for base relief have been very good for cargo working.

View from the ship late this afternoon.

Noon Position Report Monday 13th November 2017 

Latitude: 54 17.01 S
Longitude: 036 30.11 W
Bearing: 278 T, 1 Nm from King Edward Point
Course Made Good 103 T
Distance Travelled: 68
Total Distance Travelled: 68
Steam Time: 11.5
Total Steam Time: 11.5
Average Speed: 5.9
Total Average Speed: 5.9
Wind: Direction N, Force 3
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 5.8 C Sea Temp: 2.5 C
Pressure: 988.8 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling


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