Last updated: Wednesday 15th  November 2017      

The RRS James Clark Ross is on passage to the Falkland Islands,  due to arrive in Stanley on Saturday morning.

Wednesday has been a quiet day at sea,  thankfully the conditions have been good and there has been little in the way of motion.  Fingers are crossed that this will be the case for the next two days. 

With little to report from today I am going to post some pictures from Bird Island taken by the BAS Photographer Pete Bucktrout.

A black-browed albatross turning an egg on the nest.  Picture Pete Bucktrout/BAS

Grey-headed albatross on the nest.  Picture Pete Bucktrout/BAS

This picture should be a wake-up call to everyone on how we deal with waste.  All of these items were found at albatross nests and this means everything here has been swallowed by and adult and then fed to a chick! Picture Pete Bucktrout/BAS

Noon Position Report Wednesday 15th November 2017 

Latitude: 53 18.65 S
Longitude: 042 53.95 W
Bearing: 284 T, 179 Nm from Bird Island
Course Made Good 283 T
Destination: Stanley, Falkland Islands
 ETA at 8.1 knots is 08:00 on 18 November 2017
Distance Travelled: 241
Total Distance Travelled: 241
Steam Time: 23.7
Total Steam Time: 23.7
Average Speed: 10.2
Total Average Speed: 10.2
Wind: Direction S, Force 3
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 0.6 C Sea Temp: 3.2 C
Pressure: 996 Tendency (3 hrs): Rising


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