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Happy Antarctica Day!  On this day,  in 1959,  the Antarctic Treaty was signed.

Celebrating a birthday today is the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross,  as she was launched on this day in 1990 by Her Majesty the Queen.  I have tried to find some pictures of the event but being pre-digital it has proved difficult.  At the time of the launch I was working on the RRS Bransfield and suspect that we were trying to may our way to Halley IV!  My first trip on the JCR was a few years later.

  The morning started dull and overcast but this afternoon the sun came out.  Sadly the sea state has not improved and the ship has been rolling,  heavily at times,  throughout the day.  I will be glad to get into the pack ice that is between us and Rothera,  if only for a the lack of rolling.

This morning three of us on board made phone calls to schools back in the UK as part of the Antarctica Day celebrations and from the feedback I have seen these appear to have gone well.

Due to the motion the update tonight is going to be brief.

Noon Position Report Friday 1st December  2017 

Latitude: 61 41.25 S
Longitude: 064 03.66 W
Bearing: 355 T, 155 Nm from Anvers Island
Cruise Number: JR17001
Total Distance Travelled: 1079.9
Total Steam Time: 98.5
Total Average Speed: 11.0
Wind: Direction NW, Force 6
Sea State: Rough
Air Temp: 0.7 C Sea Temp: 0.4 C
Pressure: 991 Tendency (3hrs): Falling


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