Last updated: Sunday 26th November 2017   

The RRS James Clark Ross is once again on the move,  having completed all the science work in Marian Cove,  King George Island,  and is now back at sea and continuing south.  Eventually the ship will arrive at the British Antarctic Base at Rothera to carry out the main relief.  Before that there is more science to be carried out which will include the deployment of a number of gliders and other remote sensing equipment,  along with further CTD's cores and dredging.

Sadly being on the move is not as good as we had hoped,  having cleared Maxwell Bay,  King George Island,  and headed south down the Bransfield Strait and into a bit of a blow.  The end result being that we are shipping water,  some of which is freezing on the Forecastle,  and enjoying a somewhat rough sea.  The wind has been a constant 40 + knots.  So much for the planned nice sleep tonight.

With the sun setting last night,  being at only 62S it will set for a few hours but never really gets dark,  there was a lovely colour on the glacier in Marian Cove.

The multi-corer has been in operation today and this means that there has been a lot of mud for the scientists to play with.  Whilst a messy job they all seem to be enjoying themselves.

Departing King George Island this afternoon.

We were not the only ship at King George Island.  This is the cruise liner Le Soleal in Maxwell Bay as the James Clark Ross departed Marian Cove and also leaving Maxwell Bay was the Chilean navy vessel Ar Aquiles,  that I think that been carrying out a re-supply of their Marsh base.

Crocheting in the bar is for the less hardy on board.  Another form of recreation is drawing and here Katy is making the most of the view.

Final picture is of the glacier in Marian Cove and the 'sugar cubes' that can form.

Due to the ship's heading our communications link is a bit up and down at the moment but it should be back to normal by the morning.

Noon Position Report Sundy 26th November 2017 

Latitude: 62 13.82 S
Longitude: 058 48.33 W
Bearing: 45 T, 2 Nm from King George Island
Cruise Number: JR17001
Total Distance Travelled: 671.9
Total Steam Time: 56.7
Total Average Speed: 11.9
Wind: Direction W, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: -1.7 C Sea Temp: 0.7 C
Pressure: 971.2 Tendency (3hrs): Rising


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