Last updated: Sunday 29th October 2017      

I am now back on board the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross,  all fast alongside at Stanley in the Falkland Islands.  The journey to the ship proved to be a long and interesting one,  with an aircraft technical issue in Chile that left us at the wrong airport overnight on Friday.  However,  with an early start on Saturday morning the team arrived in the Falkland Islands at 13:00.

The RRS James Clark Ross all fast alongside,  with the weather being somewhat damp and windy this morning.

The intention is to depart from Stanley on Wednesday for the short run around to Mare Harbour to take on bunkers,  fuel,  for the first journey south of the 2017/8 season.  The ship will depart the Falkland Islands on Thursday and head for Signy Island,  then on to Bird Island and South Georgia.    The order in which the base visits are carried out may change once away depending on the weather conditions at the time.

Looking from aft at the JCR alongside FIPASS in Stanley this afternoon.

This being the beginning of the Antarctic summer season,  the ship is fully loaded with cargo for Signy,  Bird Island,  King Edward Point and Rothera.  On our first run south to the island bases there will be no science work carried out.  The biggest task will be to open Signy Base as until our arrival it will not be known just how much work will be required.  Ideally it will be snow and ice free,  but one can never really tell until arrival.

The berth at FIPASS is busy just now,  with the ship 'Expedition' ahead of us and the South Georgia Fishery Protection vessel Pharos SG berthed behind us.  Expedition will depart the berth this evening,  taking their passengers south.


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