Last updated: Saturday 2nd  December 2017      

Today has been the sort of day where a job at the local supermarket,  stacking shelves,  has a lot of appeal.  The wind picked up once again this morning and we have had the pleasure of steaming in a full blow with an associated rough sea.  Rolling heavily at times,  working has not proved to be easy and for the Catering team in the Galley and the Saloon it will not have been easy.  The food,  as always,  has been lovely. 

I have done a bit of digging and have managed to get a couple of snapshots from a video of the launch of the JCR in 1990.  Not the best of quality but it gives an idea of what happened on the day.

  When launched there was much to be done to the vessel but some nine months later it was handed over. 

I still have a few postcards left to send from Rothera and if you have children or a school that would like to receive on,  then email me

Sadly this update is short again due to the weather and the struggle of sitting and trying to type at my desk.  I fear that I might not get the best night of sleep tonight and am keenly looking forward to seeing some packice,  which will at least flatten out the lumpy bits.

Noon Position Report Saturday 2ndDecember  2017 

Latitude: 61 51.25 S
Longitude: 064 44.47 W
Bearing: 347 T, 148 Nm from Anvers Island
Cruise Number: JR17001
Distance Travelled: 16
Total Distance Travelled: 1095.9
Steam Time: 1.8
Total Steam Time: 100.3
Average Speed: 8.9
Total Average Speed: 10.9
Wind: Direction WSW, Force 8
Sea State: Heavy
Air Temp: -0.2 C Sea Temp: 0.7 C
Pressure: 999.1 Tendency (3hrs): Rising


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