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As this is the start of summer in the southern hemisphere it is a busy time of places like the Falkland Islands for tourism and so at 07:30 the JCR departed the berth at FIPASS to move out to anchor in Port William in order to allow a cruise ship alongside for the day.

The personnel travelling to the BAS bases at Signy, Bird Island and King Edward Point arrived on board today,  with a nice change in the weather and far better then we had over the weekend.  When the sun is shining the Falkland Islands are a wonderful place to visit.

Looking down Stanley Harbour this morning as the ship proceeded through The Narrows for Port William

Being at anchor has been beneficial to the JCR as it has meant that we were able to launch a number of our boats for training purposes.

The cargo tender being taken for a run this morning.  The cargo tender is an essential piece of equipment for getting stores to the small island bases of Signy and Bird Island.  This season will see some heavy equipment being sent ashore from the ship,  more on this in a later update.

A change from the 28 knots of wind yesterday and an almost flat calm sea,  with the wind down to about four to six knots at times.  Perfect conditions for the boat work carried out during the day.  As well as the cargo tender being put in the water the Humber inflatable boats were also deployed.

I was passing through the Scientific Hold,  which is normally used for storing science equipment to be used on cruises.  However,  at the beginning of each season this is where the cargo for the small islands is stored.  Access to this space is via a hatch on the Aft Deck.

First wildlife image of the trip,  spotted as the ship came alongside this afternoon.

The plan for departure has now changed slightly and the James Clark Ross will depart Stanley and head for Mare Harbour on Tuesday evening,  arriving on Wednesday morning.  Once there the ship will load about 470 cubic Metres of fuel (bunkers) and upon completion will depart for Signy Island.

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