Last updated: Monday 4th December 2017   

The James Clark Ross entered the pack ice in the early hours of Monday morning and continued her progress towards Rothera base.  Since entering the pack has been mainly 10/10th with little open water and no leads to work towards.  At noon the ship was just 47 miles from the base but sadly there was no let up in the ice conditions,  which had the consistency of porridge,  and the decision was made to turn around and head back out to open water.  Those of you who keep an eye on the webcam will have noticed that the flag flying at the front of the ship had changed direction.

The view forward this morning as we were on passage to Rothera.  The pennant is flying to give an easy indication to the Bridge team to changes in the wind.  Whilst we do have some excellent anemometers that give very accurate wind information,  when in the ice and without the sea state to give wind indication,  the use of a simple flag right in front of us works very well.

Two crabeater seals on the ice.  Pack ice is good for seal spotting and we have seen large numbers hauled out on the ice during the course of the day.  They don't seem to be overly keen on moving and wait until the ship is close by before making any effort to move.

Another crabeater seal on the ice today.

This is the sort of ice that we have been working through today and there is a lot of algae on the underside of it,  only visible once it has turned with our passing.  I was down in the Tween Deck a few times today and one can hear the ice scraping along the side of the ship.  At one point it sounded rather like a loud fan was running nearby.

I have not seen too many penguins today,  in fact these two Adélie were the only ones.  This far south there is a chance of sighting an emperor penguin,  which would be an excellent spot.  I did sea a seagull! 

I hope to have more information on our plans for the next update tomorrow.

Noon Position Report Monday 4th December  2017 

Latitude: 67° 31.36 S
Longitude: 070° 13.46 W
Bearing: 272 °T, 47 Nm from Rothera
Cruise Number: JR17001
Distance Travelled: 216
Total Distance Travelled: 1534.9
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 144.8
Average Speed: 9.0
Total Average Speed: 10.6
Wind: Direction N, Force 4
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 0.2 °C Sea Temp: -0.6 °C
Pressure: 974.6 Tendency (3hrs): Falling


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