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Apologies about the short update yesterday,  I was trying to put some information in about the swath bathymetry system,  which we had been using during the day,  and it caused me no end of bother with the formatting of the page,  lost the Dartcom and Webcam images at the top and it got to the stage where I had had enough and published a somewhat limited update.

The update this evening is also going to be short,  that mainly due to not having had the time to take a single photograph and not having a great deal to report.  Much of the day was spent doing opportunistic science work,  in the form of swath and dredging,  whilst a plan for Rothera was considered.  Looking at the latest ice images and the Dartcom system the ship is now once again heading for Rothera.  This time we are going slightly further to the south and will then turn east to try and make a successful passage through the ice an into the open water that is beyond.  Yesterday one of the BAS Twin Otter aircraft carried out a survey for us and whilst what they saw was not overly good,  there were some patches of open water to be seen.  As I write we are only a few miles from the ice edge,  which is showing up clearly on the radars.

It is rather frustrating being this close to the base and yet not being able to make an easy approach.  Even more frustrating is that my 'N' key is playing up on my keyboard!!

Tomorrow I hope to have some pictures of us back in the ice and also being able to report some better progress as we attempt for the third time to get through the ice.

HF conditions the past few days have not been very good and I have been struggling to hear any stations.

All change!  Just been out and about with my camera and have got some pics to share!

The bar this evening seemed to have turned into a games room.  The ship carries a number of board games and these often come out when the scientists have a bit of free time.  Trivial Pursuit,  with questions from the 1990's is a popular choice.

Chess is also a favourite,  but more difficult to play in really rough weather.  Thankfully it is nice and calm this evening.

Last night a number of those on board decided to make a JCR Monopoly set,  with much more relevant place names and this is the finished product.  Also a change in the choice of player piece.  Nice to see a Wave Glider on the board.

When I started the blog the James Clark Ross was in open water but with the ice edge ahead of us.  Now we are back in the pack and hopefully making a successful attempt at reaching Rothera.  Here the ice edge can be seen just behind us.

On a plus point I have fixed my broken 'N' and my laptop seems to be behaving once again.

Noon Position Report Thursday 7th  December  2017 

Latitude: 66 53.27 S
Longitude: 070 52.97 W
Bearing: 302 T, 141 Nm from Rothera
Cruise Number: JR17001
Total Distance Travelled: 1744.9
Total Steam Time: 181.8
Total Average Speed: 9.6
Wind: Direction WNW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: -1.5 C Sea Temp: 0.0 C
Pressure: 979.7 Tendency (3hrs): Rising


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