Last updated: Monday 6th  November 2017      

Having completed the Daily Update last night,  with one eye on my computer screen and the other looking out the window,  I then spent some time on the Bridge enjoying the passage from Signy Island.  The light was perfect as the sun set,  casting long shadows behind the mountains of Coronation Island.  By about 21:00 the James Clark Ross had cleared the pack ice and is now well on the way to Bird Island and South Georgia.  All being well we will be off Bird Island for first thing on Thursday morning and can get started on the base relief.

Monday evening ended much as it had begun with flying saucers,  lenticular clouds,  above Coronation Island.

The low sun cast some interesting shadows,  including of the James Clark Ross on the pack ice.

Pack ice off of Coronation Island with some interesting icebergs in the background, including one that looks like the end of a house with a very large door.  Icebergs never disappoint and there are never two the same.  I am aware that just ahead of us now is a large tabular berg that was briefly visible at sixteen miles but then disappeared behind some mank.  Once I have finished the update I will pop out to have a look and perhaps take a picture.  Being a large tabular berg it shows up well on the radar.

Another view of the snow capped Coronation Island,  with the pack ice between us.

Coronation Island in the setting sun last night.

Leaving Signy Island behind.  There is a small team of five left on the base and they had a lovely curry for their dinner last night!

The Dartcom image is an early morning one due to a technical issue that I did not spot until this evening,  fingers crossed it is back to normal now,  if not then I will have to go into the dome to effect a repair.

Tuesday has been an interesting day for wildlife with a large number of whales seen blowing in the distance and one or two fairly close to the ship.  Sadly no pictures as yet.  The birdlife has changed with the cape petrels back and a few giant petrels.  A number of fur seals have also been seen,  several having a nap on the surface.

Latitude: 58 14.23 S
Longitude: 043 35.66 W
Bearing: 216 T, 315 Nm from Bird Island
Course Made Good 024 T
Destination Bird Island
ETA at 10 knots is 19:18 on 08 November 2017
Distance Travelled: 198.8
Total Distance Travelled: 198.8
Steam Time: 17.8
Total Steam Time: 17.8
Average Speed: 11.2
Total Average Speed: 11.2
Wind: Direction WSW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 0.2 C Sea Temp: 0.0 C
Pressure: 1002.3 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady

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