Last updated: Wednesday 8th  November 2017     

For the eagle eyed amongst my readers you will have noticed that at noon the ship was only nine miles from Bird Island and yet this evening we are more like sixty miles.  There has been a slight change of plan and we are nipping into Cumberland Bay and King Edward Point for a pax transfer and upon completion will head back to Bird Island to start the base relief at 06:00 on Thursday morning.

Approaching Bird Island and then passing it by this afternoon.  I did give the base a call on the VHF radio and have a chat with them.  The weather on the island was excellent and the base members were making the most of it, getting out to carry out the field work.

The ship was a good distance from Bird Island as we passed between it and the Willis Islands,  but with binoculars this large macaroni penguin colony could easily be seen.  Thankfully it could not be smelt!

The passage from Bird Island to Cumberland Bay and King Edward Point took about six hours and the whole afternoon the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  There was little wind which meant that spotting wildlife in the water was easy.  Here the clouds forming over the mountains on South Georgia are like a blanket.

The island is a combination of high peaks and glaciers running down to the sea.  I have always thought of South Georgia as one of the most beautiful places one could visit.

Having spent much of the day working on the Monkey Island I spotted some humpback whales and managed to get a picture.  During the course of the day I have seen about eight humpbacks,  including two in Cumberland Bay.

Another fine view of South Georgia.

Approaching Cumberland Bay for the boat transfer this evening.

Noon Position Report Wednesday 8th November 2017 

Latitude: 54 08.86 S
Longitude: 038 14.70 W
Bearing: 219 T, 9 Nm from Bird Island
Course Made Good 036 T
Destination: Bird Island
ETA at 8.9 knots is 06:00 on 09 November 2017
Distance Travelled: 303
Total Distance Travelled: 501.8
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 41.8
Average Speed: 12.6
Total Average Speed: 12.0
Wind: Direction SW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 1.8 C Sea Temp: 2.1 C
Pressure: 1010.8 Tendency (3 hrs): Rising


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