Last updated: Tuesday 10th April 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

Much of Tuesday has been spent mapping the area over and around the Bonaparte seamount, some 75 miles from St Helena, using the swath bathymetry system on board the James Clark Ross.  

This image is of some of the swath data that has been acquired whilst working in the vicinity of St Helena.  The system allows us to put on the contour lines and the depth is depicted by colour,  with blue being the deeper water.  The names shown,  George Island,  Speery Ledge etc are reference points that the swath team have used when carrying out the sonar work,  these will be removed to leave just a chart of the area around St Helena.  Pic British Antarctic Survey.

There has been a bit of wildlife spotted today,  with a group of sperm whales and then a number of dolphins sighted.  Not so many birds.  We are not alone here,  with a St Helena fising boat working in the vicinity of the Bonaparte seamount.

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Noon Position Report Tuesday 10th April 2018

Latitude: 15 42.7 S
Longitude: 006 59.3 W
Bearing: 280 T, 75 Nm from Jamestown, St Helena
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 185
Total Distance Travelled: 553
Steam Time: 23.8
Total Steam Time: 83.2
Average Speed: 7.8
Total Average Speed: 6.6
Wind: Direction SE, Force 4
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 25.8 C Sea Temp: 25.3 C
Pressure: 1015.3 Tendency (3hrs): Falling

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