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The RRS James Clark Ross has spent the day anchored off Jamestown,  St Helena.  This was to allow the science team on board to complete the packing up of their equipment,  preparing all the paperwork (of which there is an awful lot) for all the samples that they have and for all their equipment,  and then leave the ship for shore accommodation before flying back to the UK.

This gave all the crew the opportunity to spend a few hours on the island and see what a fabulous place it is.  Sadly my day did not start well,  having been on the first boat ashore and once there discovering that my memory card for my camera was still in my cabin!

  Bruce,  ZD7VC,  is one of the radio amateurs on the island and turned out to be my saviour.  I had been in contact with Bruce via email and he had very kindly offered to give me a tour of the island in the very limited time I had available.  Thankfully when I met up with him in Jamestown and explained by problem,  he lent me a spare memory card for the day.  He came back to the ship and here is receiving a James Clark Ross plaque for all his help today.  More of the amateur radio side of things in the days to come.

Once ashore the route into Jamestown is via this gate,  with the castle to the left.  The one thing that I found surprising was how busy the town was,  in comparison to Stanley in the Falkland islands.  The weather was a bit mixed and there was a lot of low cloud,  and associated rain,  higher up the island.

During our week in St Helena waters I have see numerous rainbows.  This one popped up whilst waiting for Bruce to arrive.

This is the Post Office,  where a postcard stamp costs 50p,  some 15p more expensive than posting a card from Tristan da Cunha.

  The road through the centre of Jamestown was busy this morning.  This is the view looking towards the sea.

My transport for the morning was a nice Landrover with 150,000 plus miles on the clock.  After I had been driven around the island I was very impressed with this high mileage as many of the roads were far from smooth.

Moving further up the hill and away from the centre of Jamestown,  looking back towards the sea again.  There is an interesting mixture of cars and buildings on the island and I even spotted a very old Ford Cortina.  There is one Rolls Royce on the island.

One of the houses on the island.  Some houses are stone built, the newer houses are of a kit style construction.


Having gained some elevation I got to stop and get a picture looking down into Jamestown with the James Clark Ross at anchor just  a short distance off shore.

With the ship now on passage back to the UK,  to Immingham on the River Humber,  I suspect that there will be little to report in the coming days.  For this reason the next few updates will concentrate on my short time ashore at St Helena,  along with some of the people and wildlife that I met.  I will say that everyone one is very friendly and travelling with Bruce was entertaining as there was a constant use of the horn to great nearly every person and car that we passed,  along with giving them all a wave.

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Latitude: 15° 55.1 S
Longitude: 005° 43.3 W
Bearing: °Anchored off Jamestown, St Helena
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 112
Total Distance Travelled: 928
Steam Time: 15.3
Total Steam Time: 140.8
Average Speed: 7.3
Total Average Speed: 6.6
Wind: Direction ESE, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 23.8 °C Sea Temp: 25 °C
Pressure: 1015.8 Tendency (3hrs): Falling

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