Last updated: Sunday 15th April 2018  Time Zone:  GMT  

The update today will start with an historical fact.  On this day in 1800 James Clark Ross was born.

Another lovely day to be at sea,  with both the sea and air temperature rising steadily.  There has been a good breeze throughout the day but this has not affected the passage and the JCR is making good progress towards the UK.  During the night the ship passed from Grid IH into II,  the only landmass in this grid being Ascension Island,  which at the time of writing was some 279 miles away.  The passage north will not take us close to the island,  our next sighting of land is going to be the Cape Verde islands,  on the other side of the Equator.

Due to our current location I am not getting any daylight satellite passes,  these should be back by Tuesday.

Returning to St Helena -

At the bottom of the lawn at Plantation House is a lovely vegetable garden,  which will be used to provide the Governor with fresh produce.

This is Richards Travel Lodge,  one of a number of accommodations on the island.  The reason I stopped off here was to meet the owner,  Derek Richards who also happens to be ZD7CTO.  Staying there just now was another amateur radio enthusiast,  Bob GM4DLG,  who when teaching stargazing to the islanders was trying to get a few contacts in his radio log.  More information on Richards Travel Lodge can be found HERE.

The highest point I reached was an old fort that,  supposedly had some lovely views of the island.  With the way the weather was on Friday it was somewhat hit and miss for scenic views.

Suddenly the cloud lifts just enough to look down on Jamestown and the James Clark Ross at anchor,  just offshore.

Moments later the sun is shining and  a fine view of Prince Andrew High School can be seen.

The view over the harbour from the gun battery up on the hill. 

Back in Jamestown.  I had been told to visit the Consulate Hotel,  seen here with the veranda,  and I was not disappointed.

Inside the Consulate Hotel.

The Emporium,  St Helena

Another view of the Post Office on St Helena.

Tomorrow should be the final one from my visit to St Helena.

Previous updates from this trip can be found HERE

Latitude: 08 50.1 S
Longitude: 009 48.3 W
Bearing: 101 T, 279 Nm from Ascension Island
Course Made Good 330 T
(1) Destination 1: Immingham
(1) ETA at 10.5 knots is 21:58 on 02 May 2018
(2) Destination 2: NONE
(2) ETA at knots is 00:00 on 01 January 1998
Distance Travelled: 271
Total Distance Travelled: 486
Steam Time: 24.0
Total Steam Time: 42.4
Average Speed: 11.3
Total Average Speed: 11.5
Wind: Direction SE, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 29.3 C Sea Temp: 27.7 C
Pressure: 1014.5 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling


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