Last updated: Wednesday 18th April 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

Following the crossing of the Equator on Tuesday evening,  Wednesday saw the arrival of King Neptune and His Court on board to deal with those on board who had not 'Crossed the Line'.  At the start of the day there were just two souls on the list to go before His Royal Highness,  by lunchtime a third had been found and at the end of the event a fourth soul suddenly found himself before the Court.

The King always travells with his beautiful Queen and even after thousands of years they are still very much in love.  Picture Richard Turner

Whilst the King and Queen were on board,  general maintenance continued with Fransisco doing some painting.  I was surprised that painting could take place today as this morning the rain was torrential,  with the ship currently passing through the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone,  which is a band of cloud that often results in heavy rain.  Last night there was lightening on the horizon.   Picture Richard Turner

Daelyn was first to be put before King Neptune.  Whilst he has crossed the Equator a number of times on previous ships,  it seems that they did not issue certificates. Picture Richard Turner

Charlotte,  on the other hand,  is crossing the Equator for the first time on a ship.  I am not sure that this was the right time or place to practice yoga!   Picture Richard Turner

Amanda,  one fo the Engineers on board,  is getting an extra  bucket of extra stuff thrown over her by fellow engineer Euan.   Picture Richard Turner

One should always be careful when throwing the first stone....or buckt of muck!  King Neptune discovered,  at the last minute,  that Euan had not been before His Court and so Euan ended up with the remainder of the slops deposited on his head.   Picture Richard Turner

The day finished with a fine barbecue on the Aft Deck.

This update is likely to be the last full update on the passage north.  Long sea passages tend to have very little to report,  and with no science taking place on board I will struggle to write each day.  I will publish the menu,  the Noon Position Report and a satellite image each day.  Should something of interest occur,  then that will get included.

Previous updates from this trip can be found HERE

Latitude: 02 27.3 N
Longitude: 016 11.4 W
Bearing: 150 T, 861 Nm from Praia (Cabo Verde)
Course Made Good 330 T
Destination: Immingham
 ETA at 10.2 knots is 06:13 on 03 May 2018
Distance Travelled: 257
Total Distance Travelled: 1264
Steam Time: 24.0
Total Steam Time: 114.4
Average Speed: 10.7
Total Average Speed: 11.0
Wind: Direction SSW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 25 C Sea Temp: 28.8 C
Pressure: 1015.4 Tendency (3 hrs): Rising


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