Last updated: Sunday 18th March 2018  Time Zone:  GMT -2 

I am delighted to report that the RRS James Clark Ross Daily Update Page is back!  My apologies for the slight break,  this was due to circumstances beyond my control and I am hopeful that all will be well for the remainder of the voyage.

This particular update will be brief as I settle back in to the swing of things.  Since the first update on Tuesday the JCR has travelled a little over one thousand nautical miles and is currently on passage to Tristan da Cunha.  This is where the first section of the next science cruise will take place.  The weather has warmed up in the past few days and it is now pleasant outside.  There has also been some interesting wildlife and I am hoping that there will be more to come.

The Second Officer Matt at the chart table.  If you look closely at the chart you should be able to see lots of small crosses along the line that is used to represent the required course.  These are the hourly plots,  so that an accurate log can be kept of the passage.  Having said that we have numerous systems that are logging our position by GPS every second.  Sadly paper charts are being seen less and less on merchant ships.

On the wildlife front I spotted this egret today.  It seems that he joined us in the Falklands and I suspect will remain in our vicinity for a while.  He will have most likely blown to the islands from South America during one of the many regular gales that as so common.

There has already been one of advance of the clocks on board to GMT -2 and another will take place overnight,  with one final advance before we arrive at Tristan da Cunha.

On the radio front my HF equipment is all set up and fully operational.  I was active briefly this evening to test the gear.  In addition I have a radio monitoring for WSPR signals on 30m.  The JCR is currently in Grid HE and will pass briefly through IE then into IF for Tristan.

Noon Position Report Sunday 18th March 2018

Latitude: 45 00.4 S
Longitude: 035 19.9 W
Bearing: 245 T, 1147 Nm from Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
Course Made Good 067 T
Destination: Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
ETA at 11.0 knots is 22:18 on 22 March 2018
Distance Travelled: 276
Total Distance Travelled: 1008
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 90.6
Average Speed: 11.5
Total Average Speed: 11.1
Wind: Direction NW, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 15.5 C Sea Temp: 15.2 C
Pressure: 1010 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady


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