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Sunday has bee a glorious day,  with an almost glassy sea,  slight swell and a rising temperature.  There has been  a lot of wildlife spotted,  with dolphins,  whales and even a turtle sighted.  Our whale watching team have spent the day outside scanning the sea for the slightest sign of movement and have been well rewarded.  Sadly i missed it all!

There is little room for this view to improve,  almost perfect conditions for being at sea.  The forecast is looking good for the next few days, so hopefully we will have a nice run to St Helena.

With such a lovely day there was only one way for it to close,  and that is with a beautiful sunset.  Rob,  who was the watch keeper at sunset is taking an amplitude,  from which he can then calculate all sorts of things,  including a gyro error.  Sadly there was no 'green flash' tonight as there was too much low cloud on the horizon.

With the sun having set the sky was looking stunning.  There are some excellent advantages to being at sea as this is much harder to view when ashore,  and certainly in a built up area.

Continuing with my trip to Tristan da Cunha yesterday,  some more views from the island.  There is a limited road network connecting all the houses and all the roads seem to be well lit.  Most households,  I am told,  own a car and this makes working the land a lot easier. 

During our visit the top of the volcano was visible from time to time,  although clouds did form from time to time.  It seems that there is no shortage of water on the island. 

The Prince Philip Hall,  which is a very important place for those on the island and many social functions are held here.  At the far end is the island's bar.  The two views available from the island are either the volcano or the sea.

A bit of everything in this picture.  A car heading up the hill,  some geese and a cow in the middle of a road.  Islanders are allowed to keep a certain number of animals for their personal use.  Fresh milk was available in the cafe,  adjacent to the Post Office,  and proved to be a best seller for a lot of those who went ashore.  The ship only has UHT milk and fresh milk is seen as a very welcome change.

Whilst on the subject of the Post Office,  the Postcode for Tristan da Cunha is TDU 1ZZ and following my visit yesterday I was today sent a link to The Telegraph about an article written in 2005 on the subject.  So,  if you are interested in postal matters,  click HERE for the article.  The article refers to Internet shopping,  but this is still not an easy task as the island has a satellite link,  similar to that on the JCR,  which gives them a very limited access to the web.  When the school children were on board on Saturday I was asking them about their mobile phone use and discovered that there is no mobile phone network on the island (much of the work related communications is carried out on VHF radio) but that with access to WiFi networks and their limited Internet they could use WhatsApp!

St Joseph's Catholic Church,  with a rather nice wind vane on the top of the bell tower.

Noon Position Report Sunday 1st April 2018

Latitude: 33 44.2 S
Longitude: 011 11.8 W
Bearing: 196 T, 1107 Nm from Jamestown, St Helena
Course Made Good 015 T
 Destination: Jamestown, St Helena
 ETA at 10.5 knots is 21:51 on 05 April 2018
Distance Travelled: 205
Total Distance Travelled: 205
Steam Time: 19.5
Total Steam Time: 19.5
Average Speed: 10.5
Total Average Speed: 10.5
Wind: Direction variable, Force 2
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 20.7 C Sea Temp: 23.1 C
Pressure: 1021.3 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling


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