Last updated: Friday 23rd March 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

The RRS James Clark Ross arrived at the first science site at 17:30 this evening and was put on to position and shortly afterwards science commenced.

Tristan da Cunha is the remotest inhabited island on the planet,  but some 4000 ships pass through or close to it's waters.  This is one of the many reasons that our current work is being carried out,  to assess the impact that such traffic could have on the islands.

The first ship we have seen since departing Stanley last week.  This is a Norwegian tanker on passage to South Africa,  and during the course of the morning she closed upon us and then passed us by.

One always knows that something exciting is happening when a scientist is seen running from one Bridge wing to the other.  I think that there may well have been a shout,  but as we were busy enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting I think that we missed that bit.  On investigation it turned out to be a group of killer whales,  although sadly they did not come as close as we would have liked.  However,  it was good to see them here.

  Some scientific equipment is simple in design.  This is a pelagic camera,  basically a tube is filled with fish bait and GoPro cameras are fitted on arms either side,  looking at the bait area.  Drop it into the sea and when retrieved watch the action of all that has been attracted to it.  James is setting it up for deployment and it was the first bit of equipment deployed once the ship  was on station.

  Daelyn getting ready to deploy the first CTD of the cruise.  All the water bottles are open top and bottom and it will be deployed to 3000m to collect samples for the scientists on board.

The first CTD just entering the water this evening.  As I write this update I can hear that it has just returned to deck.

Whilst we are enjoying some fine weather near to Gough Island,  the RRS Ernest Shackleton is not having such a nice time.  The ship is at Rothera but the weather is not proving to be very nice and it is causing a few problems with the cargo work that they hoped to be carrying out.  It seems to be a wintry day there and there is a picture available via my Twitter feed lower down the page.

Noon Position Report Friday 23rd  March 2018

Latitude: 39 05.9 S
Longitude: 009 16.5 W
Bearing: 130 T, 189 Nm from Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
Course Made Good 102 T
Distance Travelled: 226
Total Distance Travelled: 2248
Steam Time: 19.7
Total Steam Time: 204
Average Speed: 11.5
Total Average Speed: 11.0
Wind: Direction S, Force 4
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 14.3 C Sea Temp: 17.6 C
Pressure: 1027.8 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling

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