Last updated: Saturday 24th March 2018  Time Zone:  GMT

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It has been a lovely day in the South Atlantic,  not far from Gough Island,  with ship spending much of the past twenty four hours either on station or mapping the sea bed with the swath bathymetry system.

The first deployment of the pelagic camera was very successful,  with a female blue shark appearing after just six minutes,  check the Twitter feed below for a picture.

Whilst we are in a very remote position,  and north of 40 South,  there are still penguins to be seen and we have had a number of rock hopper penguins visit us today and if all goes to plan I hope to have some good bird photos in the coming days.

The SUCS (which now stands for Shelf Underwater Camera System) has been in use today (and is deployed as I write) and there has been some interesting things to see on the screens.  I spotted a few fish earlier and just now some starfish.

The Bridge this evening shortly after sunset,  with Richard in the shadows and Rob and Jordan at the Dynamic Positioning desk,  which is keeping the ship in the correct position for the science being carried out at the time.  These days there are lots of monitors,  allowing the Deck Officers to see the live footage of the SUCS system or a graphical representation of where science equipment is in relation to the ship.  For those of you that think when a CTD is deployed it is directly below the ship,  the chances are you would be very wrong as currents can have a large effect on instruments deployed.

The view from just outside the Bridge this evening with the mid-ship gantry deploying the SUCS system,  to a depth of just under 400m.

.......and finally a very special message from our 2nd Officer,  Matt:-

Noon Position Report Saturday 24th  March 2018

Latitude: 39 16.5 S
Longitude: 008 05.2 W
Bearing: 124 T, 240 Nm from Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 166
Total Distance Travelled: 210
Steam Time: 18.7
Total Steam Time: 22.7
Average Speed: 8.9
Total Average Speed: 9.3
Wind: Direction SW, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 14.8 C Sea Temp: 17.7 C
Pressure: 1026.2 Tendency (3hrs): Falling


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