Last updated: Monday 26th March 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

Monday has been another full day of varied science,  ranging from swath bathymetry to the Shelf Underwater Camera System and some trawling.  The weather has been good,  although there has been rain.  At one point,  whilst on station,  a rainbow passed over the JCR (which may well be a first).  Sadly I missed it!

A white bellied storm petrel.  Picture Andy Schofield.  Andy works for the RSPB and has spent time on Tristan da Cunha and the islands nearby,  which means he has a very good knowledge of the birds,  which is happy to share.  He spends a lot of time on the Bridge with his binoculars watching the birds and also assisting with the whale watching work.

A great shearwater.  Picture Andy Schofield.  Last night,  whilst on the Bridge chatting with the drivers,  I spotted a small bird fly out from the mid-ship gantry and head aft.  I knew it was not a sea bird but was unable to identify.  Andy tracked it down and found it to be a swallow,  which was most likely very lost as at this time of the year any African swallows should be in Europe.  In addition it seems that a few storm petrels found their way into one of the labs.

At night the ship takes special precautions to reduce the amount of light that escapes from on board,  this so as not to cause bird strikes during the hours of darkess.

Sooty albatross.  Picture Andy Schofield.  I have a number of other pictures from Andy,  who like many on board is happy to share with others and allow their use.  This can make my life easier,  especially on  a day like today when I have not had time to get out with my camera,  which is very much inferior to some others that are being used on board.

Noon Position Report Monday 26th  March 2018

Latitude: 39 27.4 S
Longitude: 007 50.7 W
Bearing: 124 T, 255 Nm from Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 79.2
Total Distance Travelled: 405
Steam Time: 13.1
Total Steam Time: 52.7
Average Speed: 6.0
Total Average Speed: 7.7
Wind: Direction SW, Force 4
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 16.2 C Sea Temp: 17.6 C
Pressure: 1006.8 Tendency (3hrs): Steady

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