Last updated: Tuesday 27th March 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

The RRS James Clark Ross has been on the move,  having completed the work at the first site and now repositioned a bit closer to Trista da Cunha.  Most of the day the ship has been steaming,  carrying out swath bathymetry survey work around the Crawford seamount.

The weather has been bright with a bit of a breeze but the sea has been on the lumpy side,  with the ship at times pitching and times rolling.  Not what we want and I think it disturbed a few on board during the night.

My understanding is that the ship will call at Tristan da Cunha on Saturday morning,  as long as the sea state is good for boat work.  Fingers are crossed!

  Broad billed prions.  I am told that there are a variety of prions that can only be told apart by the size of their bills.  Not an easy task.  Picture Andy Schofield.

A male Tristan wandering albatross.  Picture Andy Schofield.

An Atlantic yellow-billed albatross.  Picture Andy Schofield.

Due to work commitments I have not been out and about as much as normal and this has resulted in shorter updates.  Once we reach Tristan I hope that there will be more to report on.

In other news the RRS Ernest Shackleton departed from Rothera yesterday but will be due back at the base for a final call in May.

Noon Position Report Tuesday 27th  March 2018

Latitude: 38 47.4 S
Longitude: 010 18.4 W
Bearing: 137 T, 140 Nm from Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 156
Total Distance Travelled: 561
Steam Time: 18.4
Total Steam Time: 71.1
Average Speed: 8.5
Total Average Speed: 7.9
Wind: Direction S, Force 4
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 15.7 C Sea Temp: 18 C
Pressure: 1017.3 Tendency (3hrs): Falling

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