Last updated: Tuesday 3rd April 2018  Time Zone:  GMT  

The journey north to St Helena continues at a very nice pace and the weather remains good,  with the temperature rising slowly each day.  At lunchtime today it was a nice 23.1 C.  At night we have been enjoying clear skies and this means that the stars are out in force.  Being on a ship in the middle of the ocean means that there is very little background light.  One navigation light high up the mast and,  depending on the time of the month,  varying degrees of moonlight.  The Milky Way,  seen from the ship,  is really spectacular.

There have been a number of interesting things happening today.  The first was the sighting of a whale in the distance that turned out to be three whales (although not obvious initially).  The whale watching team soon identified them to be sperm whales,  something that we don't come across very often (I don't think I have seen one in all my time with BAS).  Just as I was getting my camera ready this one decided it was time to do a deep dive,  which I missed completely. Picture Stephanie Morley.

Sadly the other thing that has been seen a lot today is rubbish.  This mainly seems to be plastics and it would appear to come from ships.  There have been fish boxes and a plastic bottle that looks as though it once contained oil.  The JCR has a very stringent waste management policy and this means that this sort of waste is not thrown into the sea from on board.  All the waste on board is segregated and then disposed of correctly once the ship reaches a port.

Dinner was an outdoor event this evening.  However it did not involve a barbecue,  that will come in the next few days,  but was a case of turning the Rough Workshop into a help yourself diner and then heading out on to the Aft Deck with one's meal to enjoy in the fresh air as the sun slowly settled in the west.

The Science Hatch seems to have been a very popular venue for diners tonight.

On the other side of the Aft Deck diners preferred to sit in camp chairs or on the bits (used for mooring the ship when in port). 

Also travelling with us from Tristan da Cunha (remember that it is the remotest inhabited island on the planet) is a local family who are heading to St Helena.  This evening they gave an excellent talk about life on the island and I suspect have sold that idea to a few on the JCR.  It seems shopping is very easy as there is no choice in the supermarket and no competition so you just have to buy what is on the shelves or go without!

Noon Position Report Tuesday 3rdApril 2018

Latitude: 25 49.7 S
Longitude: 008 43.2 W
Bearing: 196 T, 616 Nm from Jamestown, St Helena
Course Made Good 015 T
Destination: Jamestown, St Helena
ETA at 10.4 knots is 23:41 on 05 April 2018
Distance Travelled: 245
Total Distance Travelled: 698
Steam Time: 23.5
Total Steam Time: 67
Average Speed: 10.4
Total Average Speed: 10.4
Wind: Direction E, Force 3
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 23.1 C Sea Temp: 24.7 C
Pressure: 1014.7 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling

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