Last updated: Saturday 7th April 2018  Time Zone:  GMT   

Saturday morning started off somewhat damp on the James Clark Ross,  with what sounded like torrential rain at about nine o'clock.  However the day did brighted and a blue sky could be seen this afternoon.

Speery Island today.  The island seem to stand out in the light.

With the mid-ship gantry over the side,  the CTD deployed and dark clouds enveloping St Helena this morning.

The view aft from the Monkey Island,  port side,  early this afternoon.  The box that is in view is the Met Office Automatic Weather Station (AWS) which sends temperature and pressure data every hour.

Shadows of clouds crossing St Helena this afternoon.

The science work has been going well,  with a night and day shift.  This means that there is always something happening on board,  regardless of the time of day.  This will be the case until the early hours of Friday morning when the science will stop and the scientists will have to pack,  ready to leave the ship for St Helena during Friday.  All being well the ship will then be heading north for the UK,  with an ETA of Thursday 3rd May.

Noon Position Report Saturday 7th April 2018

Latitude: 16 03.0 S
Longitude: 005 47.0 W
Bearing: 187 T, 9 Nm from Jamestown, St Helena
Cruise Number: JR17004
Distance Travelled: 113
Total Distance Travelled: 113
Steam Time: 19.1
Total Steam Time: 19.1
Average Speed: 5.9
Total Average Speed: 5.9
Wind: Direction E, Force 4
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 24.4 C Sea Temp: 25.2 C
Pressure: 1013.7 Tendency (3hrs): Falling

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