Last updated: 10th July 2017

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The James Clark Ross continues to enjoy wonderful weather conditions with a light breeze and sunshine for the most part,  although as I started writing this update during my lunch break,  a bank of fog seems to have descended upon us.

When I got up this morning and wandered on to the Bridge it was to find us passing Bear Island.

It has been a good whale day,  with a number of humpback whales sighted throughout the morning.    Sadly most were in the distance but we did get to see some flukes (tails) out of the water and a few breaching.

Humpback whale early this morning.  Photo Emily Venables.

After lunch we had a visit from the Norwegian Coastguard vessel Harstadt.  This is an Arctic patrol vessel and one of the tasks it has been designed to carry out is to tow large tankers,  should the need ever arise.  

Late in the afternoon the Gamle Maroy passed us.  She is only 28m in length and is,  I am told,  a cruise ship.  I suspect that she would be a delight to be on whilst the sea is as calm as it has been,  but should the sea pick up I have images of corks bobbing about on the surface.

The Forecastle seems to have become a roost for the many seagulls that are surrounding the ship.

Final picture for today is of the James Clark Ross taken by the drone yesterday.  Picture Emily and Marie,  SAMS.

The communications satellite today was 3 above the horizon.  On Tuesday we will be at about 76N and the elevation will be down a further degree which means that the slightest motion will likely have an effect on our signal.  In addition the geostationary satellite is not actually stationary but wobbling about far above the earth and that too will have implications on our signal reception.

One of our science team is writing a blog and it can be viewed HERE.

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Noon Position Report 10th July 2017 

Latitude: 75 11 N
Longitude: 17 32 E
Bearing: 358 T, 333 Nm from Tromso
Cruise Number: JR16006
Distance Travelled: 112
Total Distance Travelled: 1448
Steam Time: 10.6
Total Steam Time: 160.5
Average Speed: 10.5
Total Average Speed: 9.0
Wind: Direction variable, Force
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 6 C Sea Temp: 6.7 C
Pressure: 1007.9 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


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