Last updated:  10th June 2017

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The James Clark Ross is very quiet with just the ship's complement on board.  As always there is a lot happening with general maintenance,  the Deck team busy outside painting,  the Engineers keeping all the machinery running and the Catering department keeping us all well fed and servicing all the scientist cabins.

The weather has been overcast throughout the day and the temperature of both the sea and the air is starting to drop.  With a northerly wind the ship is pitching into the sea and so there is some spray being generated,  which we have not had for some time.

Deck maintenance.  This is part of the ships fire fighting equipment and is the nozzle that fits on the end of a fire hose.  The hoses are designed so that they can be linked together to make a longer hose or be used as a single length.  One of the jobs that is carried out on a regular basis is the greasing of the nozzle to ensure that it operates correctly when needed.  Petroleum jelly is excellent for this task.

More maintenance work being carried out in the way of painting.  When tasks like this are carried out things like doors,  covers and other equipment that might be attached to an area are all removed to ensure that a complete area can be painted correctly.  The paint used requires a number of different coats and the top coat has to be mixed prior to use,  and is known as two pack.

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Noon Position Report 10th June 2017

Latitude: 18 22 N
Longitude: 22 35 W
Bearing: 20 T, 221 Nm from Praia (Cabo Verde)
Cruise Number: name
Distance Travelled: 221
Total Distance Travelled: 221
Steam Time: 22.1
Total Steam Time: 22.1
Average Speed: 10
Total Average Speed: 10
Wind: Direction N, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 23.4 C Sea Temp: 24.8 C
Pressure: 1013.9 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


Previous updates from this trip

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