Last updated: 12th July 2017

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Having moved across to the west by a few degrees this has meant that the comms satellite has risen slightly further above the horizon and is at a wopping 3.2,  which has given us a good link today.  I am anticipating the link dropping out on Friday or Saturday and then it will be several weeks before it is restored.

A few days ago I posted a picture of George taking a sounding,  this is the results being posted on the sounding board on the Bridge..

The weather today has not been great,  with fog throughout most of the day and this evening visibility is down to a few hundred metres at best,  so there is little to report on.  The science work has continued throughout and is going according to the schedule.

One of our science team is writing a blog and it can be viewed HERE.

Previous updates from this trip

Noon Position Report 12th July 2017

Lat 76 00.0'N Long 010 40.0'E,
Tromso, Norway 159 x 409'

Wind ESE'ly F4
Air Temp 6.9C
Sea Temp 7.3C
Baro 1005.2mb Falling slowly
Overcast with occasional mist and fog patches.
Vessel moving easily to a low sea and swell.


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @