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Thursday started of brighter than Wednesday but this evening as I write the fog has returned.

I think that today is the last day that we will have good communications as the JCR will be moving across to the east overnight and the projected elevation of the satellite will be less than 1 and this will prove difficult to track.  As well as our main satellite dipping beneath the horizon,  I expect that the Inmarsat satellite will not be too far behind as it is in a similar position in the sky.

The glider (see the Twitter feed below for a picture) has been taken from the safe haven of the Rough Workshop and has been out on deck whilst it is being prepared for deployment.  This is likely to be early next week and once deployed it will remain out for about two weeks,  being collected on our journey back from further north.

Previous updates from this trip

Noon Position Report

Latitude: 76 00 N
Longitude: 13 40 E
Bearing: 190 T, 136 Nm from Longyearbyen
Cruise Number: JR16006
Distance Travelled: 43.5
Total Distance Travelled: 1448
Steam Time: 4.9
Total Steam Time: 160.5
Average Speed: 8.8
Total Average Speed: 9.0
Wind: Direction SSE, Force 3
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 6 C Sea Temp: 7.5 C
Pressure: 1005.4 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com