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 In the update for Sunday I posted a picture with the narrative that it was related to the Humber inflatables and their engines.  This was incorrect and the boats and the engines are actually for the next science cruise.  These will be prepared on the passage from Recife to Ascension Island.

I also mentioned the water depth on Saturday,  this has steadily increased as we have worked our way north.  Yesterday it was about 500m and today the depth is now about  3,000m.

Last night I was on the Bridge and discovered that the wind was blowing at over 50 knots,  which is a proper blow!  However,  as it was from behind there was no discomfort or motion.  Today the wind has eased although there is still a large sea running.  The sun has decided to spend some time with us and the temperature at lunchtime was a very nice 23C.

There has been some interesting wildlife,  with dolphins and turtles sighted over the weekend.  This morning when I was out on deck just before breakfast I saw a wandering albatross and on Saturday I had spotted a grey headed albatross.

This morning a fire drill was held for all on board.  Using a smoke generator one of the workshops was used as the location for the fire and with a dummy as a casualty.  When the fire alarm is activated there is a procedure for investigating and then on determining what action needs to be taken.  If there is a fire then a muster will be held and everyone on board has a specific role,  whether it is to dress in breathing apparatus or to shut down vents and boundary cool.  All seafarers undergo regular training ashore and then that is used in drills like the one carried out this morning.

Bravo Locker,  one of three locations for breathing apparatus and fire fighting equipment.  This locker also has the BA compressor to allow us to re-charge the air bottles after use.

Looking up from the Main Deck at the Mid-ship gantry and the main mast,  with a fairly clear sky above us.

Stephen,  2nd Cook,  in the Galley at lunchtime.  The Galley always produces wonderful meals,  regardless of the weather - although we have not had any bad weather just yet.  This picture is taken from the Duty Mess,  which is where one would go for a meal if in 'working gear',  ie a boilersuit. The Crew Mess is also off the Galley,  whilst the Officer and Scientist's Saloon is on the Forecastle Deck,  one deck above the Galley with a lift to send the food up in .

Noon Position Report

Latitude: 27 09 S
Longitude: 44 13 W
Bearing: 50 T, 781 Nm from Montevideo Pilot
Course Made Good 048 T
(1) Destination 1: Recife
(1) ETA at 11.8 knots is 05:00 on 20 May 2017
(2) Destination 2: Recife
(2) ETA at 10.2 knots is 11:00 on 21 May 2017
Distance Travelled: 280
Total Distance Travelled: 798
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 68.8
Average Speed: 11.6
Total Average Speed: 11.6
Wind: Direction WSW, Force 4
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 18.9 C Sea Temp: 23.8 C
Pressure: 1010.7 Tendency (3 hrs): Falling
Wx greatly improved, sunshine, following sea.


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Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com