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The current plan is for the JCR to arrive in Southampton on Wednesday 21st June.  During our stay all the Antarctic cargo will be discharged and then the ship will mobilise for the Arctic cruise,  departing on the afternoon of the  30th June. 

The past few updates have been limited as there has not been a great deal to report from on board the James Clark Ross.  The passage to Southampton continues at a very leisurely pace with only nine knots required to get us to the berth for our arrival date.  This will be the first time that we have berthed in Southampton,  adjacent to the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).  Whilst we have done many science cruises that have involved the NOC it will be nice to have a look at their facilities and set up.  This is the berth that the RRS James Cook and RRS Discovery call their home port.  Sadly we won't be seeing either as they are away on scientific cruises and far from their home.

The weather has started to change and compared to what we have enjoyed since joining.  It remains warm but there is a stiff breeze and the sea has become slightly lumpy,  with the JCR pitching into the sea.

  Whilst the weather was good earlier in the week I was aloft inside our V-Sat dome.  This is our main communications link with the outside world providing access to the Internet,  telephones and email and provides the means for me to update this webpage.  I had my small camera with me and snapped a view looking in through the hatch and it shows part of the dish and drive system.  It is a nice spot to draw breath!

Like the anchor up forward,  some spares have to be kept outside.  Here are two spare propeller blades,  which are kept up on the Monkey Island,  securely bolted to the deck.  The blades have a protective coating on them so as to keep them in pristine condition until needed.  Unlike ships in the past we would need to drydock to fit them.

With Southampton just a few days away preparations are well underway for sending equipment ashore for servicing.  Here the two Humber inflatable boats have been deflated and rolled,  ready to be lifted off.

At 02:00 Sunday morning our clocks will be advanced one hour to British Summer Time.

Previous updates from this trip

Noon Position Report

Latitude: 42 12 N
Longitude: 11 12 W
Bearing: 237 T, 105 Nm from Finesterre
Course Made Good 027 T
Destination: Southampton
ETA at 7.6 knots is 05:15 on 21 June 2017
Distance Travelled: 213
Total Distance Travelled: 1767
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 190.1
Average Speed: 8.8
Total Average Speed: 9.3
Wind: Direction NNE, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 17.1 C Sea Temp: 18.4 C
Pressure: 1017.9 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com