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With our imminent arrival at Southampton on Wednesday morning there has been much happening on board the James Clark Ross today to prepare for this and as such I have not been out and about with my camera,  which sadly means no pictures.

The day has been spent steaming up the English Channel,  on the southern side as this is the side used for traffic separation for vessels heading in our direction.  Late this afternoon,  in the vicinity of Portland,  the ship then cut across the traffic (a bit like crossing the road but in slow motion) and has now left the traffic separation lanes so that we are on the English side of the Channel for the final miles to Southampton. 

Later tonight the ship will be off of the Isle of Wight and will wait to the south of the island until the morning when we will head up the Solent to Southampton,  picking up a Pilot at 06:15.  If all goes according to plan the ship should be parked outside the National Oceanography Centre by mid-morning.

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Noon Position Report

Latitude: 49 49 N
Longitude: 002 55 W
Bearing: 288 T, 25 Nm from casquets
Course Made Good 027 T
Destination : Southampton
ETA at 5.6 knots is 05:15 on 21 June 2017
Distance Travelled: 182
Total Distance Travelled: 2353
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 262.1
Average Speed: 7.5
Total Average Speed: 8.9
Wind: Direction ENE, Force 3
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 16.7 C Sea Temp: 14.8 C
Pressure: 1014.7 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com