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The James Clark Ross is now outside the limits of the normal communications satellite.  I may,  from time to time,  be able to update this page with the Daily Position Report,  below.  There will be no menu or photographs until the ship is back inside the satellite footprint.  I also hope that the ship's track will continue to work. More information on this can be found HERE

Sunday has been a bright sunny day,  for the most part,  and the science work at this location was completed during the afternoon.  The James Clark Ross is now heading further north,  approximately sixty miles or so,  looking for the next science station.  The initial part of the journey was in good open water,  although strewn with various lumps of ice from time to time.  The wind picked up and the water became a bit choppy,  although not in the least uncomfortable for us on board.  The early this evening a band of ice appeared ahead and the ship is currently picking the best route possible.  All being well we should be where we want to by  morning and the science will start over once again.

The Noon Position Report for today refers to us as 'drifting'.  This is due to when the ship is stopped in position the ice around us continues to move and at times it is easier for the ship to drift with the ice rather than actually stop,  which helps to keep the area beside the ship clear of ice and allow the equipment to be deployed and recovered safely.

I am not aware of any interesting wildlife sightings today.

Previous updates from this trip  The archive only goes to 13th July.  Once back in range of comms I will update any days that have interesting data.

Noon Position Report  

Latitude: 80 04 N
Longitude: 30 01 E
Bearing: 54 T, 201 Nm from Longyearbyen
Cruise Number: JR16006
Distance Travelled: 26.2
Total Distance Travelled: 1448
Steam Time: drifting
Total Steam Time: 160.5
Average Speed:  
Total Average Speed: 8.9
Wind: Direction W, Force 3
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 2.4 C Sea Temp: 0.4 C
Pressure: 1015.4 Tendency (3hrs): Rising


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com