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The update this evening is going to be a short one as I have not been out and about as much as I would normally be and so have not much to report.  However the good news is I can provide two links that will keep you amused and occupied.

The first is to the latest blog from our lovely Doctor,  Helen,  who after all these months at sea still appears to be sane and is writing some wonderful stuff.  Her latest update is all about superstitions and sailors,  with some tattoos thrown in for good luck (I feel that fits in well!)  and it can be found HERE

The second website to look at is the National Geographic page relating to the work that is going to be carried out whilst we are at Ascension Island.  Paul Rose is the leader of this expedition and this page will be updated on a regular basis.  It can be found HERE  This will be available at some point Thursday.

This evening Paul gave an excellent presentation on the work of National Geographic and the Pristine Seas Project,  with stunning photography and film and hopefully he and his team will get similar results off Ascension Island.

 Overnight the clocks will be advanced,  for the last time for a while, one hour to GMT.  This is the time zone that Ascension Island work to and it makes life much easier if everyone is working to the same time.

I have been having trouble getting a good satellite image as most of the passes are in the dark.  I will update the next time I get a good pass.

On the radio front I anticipate that at some point tomorrow the ship will enter Grid II.  We will remain in this grid until we complete the work at Ascension and head for Cape Verde and then on to the UK.

Richard,  the best looking Purser in the Fleet,  was out on deck during our departure from Recife on Monday and as always has taken some great pictures,  two of which are below.

Hauling the mooring lines back on board as the JCR departs Recife.  Picture Richard Turner

The ship pulling off the berth at Recife and the gangway steps about to be stowed.  Picture Richard Turner

Noon Position Report

Latitude: 8 15 S
Longitude: 25 34 W
Bearing: 91 T, 553 Nm from Recife
Course Made Good 032 T
Destination 1: Ascension Island
ETA at 13 knots is 15:20 on 26 May 2017
Destination 2: Ascension Island
ETA at 14 knots is 11:40 on 26 May 2017
Distance Travelled: 318
Total Distance Travelled: 553
Steam Time: 23
Total Steam Time: 39.9
Average Speed: 13.8
Total Average Speed: 13.8
Wind: Direction ESE, Force 4
Sea State: Slight
Air Temp: 28.6 C Sea Temp: 28.7 C
Pressure: 1013.5 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady

DTG at 19:00z  575nm


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Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com