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I am not sure that our weather has really changed a great deal since we arrived in the vicinity of Ascension Island.  The temperature may have possible dropped by a degree but that is all.  We continue to have either clear of mottled sky with lots of sunshine and a calm sea.  Ideal conditions for the work that is being carried out from on board the James Clark Ross.

The science work has been around the clock and the sun setting of an evening has not affected the work that we have been doing.  The working deck has very good lighting to enable us to carry on in the dark.  Picture Richard Turner

This is another short update as I have been occupied throughout the day and have not been out and about with my camera.  Late this afternoon the fishing vessel Extractor  came close by and we sent our boat across to collect the three personnel that we have sent over earlier in the week.  They have had a very successful time on board and I think have tagged over 40 sharks.  The data received from the tags will be invaluable in understanding these mysterious creatures.  In addition to the tagging a serious of acoustic arrays have been deployed on the seabed and will be retrieved in February 2018 when the data collected can then be analysed.

The final science work for the James Clark Ross in this area will be completed  late Saturday afternoon and then the ship will head for Ascension Island,  due to arrive for about 10:00 on Sunday morning.   Then late afternoon the ship will head for Cape Verde,  crossing the Equator on Tuesday (I think) and no doubt celebrating this wonderful event.  I need to make contact with the Court of King Neptune and invite His Royal Highness and entourage on board.  More on that early next week.

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Noon Position Report

Latitude: 9 45 S
Longitude: 12 05 W
Bearing: 130 T, 181 Nm from Ascension Island
Cruise Number: JR16-NG
Steam Time: 24hr Science
Wind: Direction SE, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 26.0 C Sea Temp: 27.2 C
Pressure: 1018.5  


Previous updates from this trip

Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com