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The National Geographic Blog can be found HERE

With the sun setting as I write the update this evening the last few scientific events of this cruise are taking place.  Overnight the James Clark Ross will steam to Ascension Island where we will spend the day whilst the team from National Geographic Society and BAS present their initial findings and then tomorrow evening the ship will set course for the Cape Verde Island,  due to arrive on Friday.

Sunset on Friday with the CTD in the water.

The end of cruise photo this morning with Paul Rose standing next to the Captain and displaying the National Geographic Society flag. 

A bestie from the deep captured on one of the cameras.  I like that you can see through it!  During their time on board National Geographic have taken lots of footage with some wonderful sights that would not normally be seen.  As science cruises go this has proved to be very different to what we would normally do,  not least because one can stand outside for longer than five minutes with out freezing!  Picture National Geographic Society.

Whilst one of the main reasons for this work has been to study the sharks that are found around the seamounts of Ascension Island,  the cameras have also found numerous fish too.  Picture National Geographic Society.

However it was the sharks that we had come to see,  a few were spotted on the surface whilst recovering equipment,  but most were moving around silently beneath the JCR.  A number of the drop camera deployments were shorter than planned due to sharks biting through the like securing the cameras to the seabed.  Picture National Geographic Society.

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Noon Position Report

Latitude: 9 42 S
Longitude: 12 49 W
Bearing: 130 T, 181 Nm from Ascension Island
Cruise Number: JR16-NG
Distance Travelled: 60.7
Total Distance Travelled: 1186
Steam Time: 24hr Science
Wind: Direction SE, Force 3
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 26.5 C Sea Temp: 27.4 C
Pressure: 1015 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


Previous updates from this trip

Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com