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The RRS James Clark Ross continues on the passage towards Tromso,  where there will be a passenger transfer on Friday morning to pick up the final twelve members of the science party.

The weather remains lovely,  with the sea nice and calm and the sun shining throughout the day.  Long may that last.

The Dartcom picture is worth a close look today as in the top right hand corner it is possible to see some sea ice (near to the site B15).  The scientists are keen to carry out some of their work in the ice and this is an encouraging sign.  There are a number of further stations to the north of B15 which I am guessing will also be in ice.

Amanda is one of the Engineers on board and is seen here disconnecting (I think) a pump that had been used to transfer the waxbreak from drums into a tank.

A sounding rod is till used,  and the more accurate way,  in which to determine how much is in a tank,  whether that is a fuel tank or a water tank,  and soundings of all tanks are done on a regular basis.  The results of the soundings are then written on a board on the Bridge and into a sounding logbook.

The update this evening is short as I have little to report on and HF conditions are very good just now so I have been spending some extra time on the radio.

One of our science team is writing a blog and it can be viewed HERE

Previous updates from this trip

Noon Position Report  

Latitude: 68 37 N
Longitude: 011 31 E
Bearing: 246 T, 146 Nm from Tromso
Course Made Good 025 T
Destination: Tromso
ETA at 8.0 knots is 09:00 on 07 July 2017
Distance Travelled: 193
Total Distance Travelled: 1265
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 138
Average Speed: 8.0
Total Average Speed: 9.1
Wind: Direction WSW, Force 2
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 10.2 C Sea Temp: 10.5 C
Pressure: 1011.7 Tendency (3 hrs): Steady


Mike Gloistein
gm0hcq @ gm0hcq.com