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The James Clark Ross crossed the Equator at 06:26 this morning.  It proved to be a smooth crossing with barely a bump being felt by all those still fast asleep in their bunks.

Before the rest of this update covers the activities of this afternoon,  I would like to report that Paul Rose has given two excellent and informative talks in the past twenty-four hours on the work done during the recent science cruise and also on the wider work of the National Geographic Society and their links with Rolex watches.

This is a picture of a Crossing the Line ceremony on the Royal Research Ship Discovery taken in 1925.  Picture Dundee Heritage Trust.

In the tradition of life on a Royal Research Ship I think that we have managed to do a good job of celebrating the crossing of the Equator,  the only difference is that we have been able to record it all in glorious colour.

Part of the main cast.  King Neptune,  his lovely wife (the best looking Queen we have had for a number of years it has to be said),  the Barber and the Doctor.  The latter two I felt took this very seriously!  Picture Richard Turner

The King and Queen walking aft from the Forecastle with the Judge,  where they had been welcomed on board by Captain Page.  Once they had settled on their thrones the Pollywogs had a short grace period in which to hide.  Strict instructions had been given that they could hide on the Aft Deck in plain sight or on the Monkey Island.  The majority decided on the Monkey Island as it was easy to defend. Picture Richard Turner

Armed with water bombs and a big banner,  the Pollywogs must have thought that they were safe from capture on the Monkey Island.  Sadly that was not to be the case.

This had to be the best hiding place and I think was probably the last person to be found,  pretending to be a plankton in the net. Picture Richard Turner

Slops featured heavily in the proceedings and the smell was awful. Picture Richard Turner

Both the Doctor and the Barber seemed very enthusiastic in dealing with the Pollywogs.    Dedication to the job. Picture Richard Turner

The Barber came with large scissors and a huge razor and shaving cream.  Picture Richard Turner

Peter is a regular visitor to the James Clark Ross and so very well known on board by us all.  He also appeared to be the ringleader of the resistance and as such was the last to face justice.  This started off much as normal with the Doctor ladling slops.......but he did have rather a lot left over.  Picture Richard Turner

Not wanting to let anything go to waste the Doctor thought that it best be all used.  As he only had a small ladle the obvious option was to use the barrel to dispense the final contents.  Picture Richard Turner

The evening finished off with a barbecue on the Aft Deck,  enjoying the wonderful weather.  We did seem to pass under a few dark clouds but I am happy to report that we did not get hit with any tropical rain showers.

Richard,  The Best Looking Purser in the Fleet was in charge of the barbecue and did an excellent job of feeding all on board a wide variety of food.  Graham is modelling the National Geographic Society Pristine Seas hat,  which everyone is now the proud owner of.

What better way to finish off that with a sunset picture,  taken as I headed to my cabin to write this update.  No Pollywogs left on board,  just some very happy Shellbacks.

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Noon Position Report

Latitude: 1 10 N
Longitude: 18 01 W
Bearing: 338 T, 607 Nm from Ascension Island
Cruise Number: JR16-NG
Distance Travelled: 123
Total Distance Travelled: 607
Steam Time: 24
Total Steam Time: 42.9
Average Speed: 13.3
Total Average Speed: 14.1
Wind: Direction SE, Force 5
Sea State: Moderate
Air Temp: 29.3 C Sea Temp: 26.6 C
Pressure: 1012.8 Tendency (3hrs): Steady


Previous updates from this trip

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