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I had an early start this morning and had hoped that I would get to see the delights of some Norwegian scenery,  but the fog was still with us and whilst it was a beautiful calm morning,  the view was a bit dull on the passage to Tromso.

The Pilot station for approaching Tromso from the north is about two and a half hours from the city,  and during the passage the James Clark Ross passed numerous small settlements and homes on the foreshore.  Some of the places appeared to be very isolated.

As the ship continued towards Tromso it did start to brighten to the south,  and whilst the clouds appeared to be somewhat menacing and I think at one point there was some very light rain,  things did start to improve.

Finally,  at about 09:30 Tromso appeared in the distance.  The JCR is berthed about 4km from the city centre,  but it turned out to be a comfortable walk.  The berth is not too far from the university and from my cabin window I can see three ski jumps,  two of which  look very high.

The view from the city centre,  looking across to the Arctic Cathedral.  The Pilot told us that at the moment there are concerts every night at 23:00.  The cathedral has a reputation for excellent acoustics.

There is an excellent Polar Museum on the waterfront that covers both Arctic and Antarctic history as Norway has played an important role in both areas over the years.

There was an example of some early scientific equipment,  and I think that this device would be the forerunner of the modern CTD that is used on the JCR.

Just outside the museum was a small harbour and the water was crystal clear and there was a lot of growth there.  I did spot on the passage this morning and again this afternoon alongside the ship lots of jelly fish.

The view this afternoon from the ship across the harbour to the surrounding hills,  which still have patches of snow on them.

Looking down the harbour towards Tromso city centre.  A large cruise ship appears to be in,  although I did not notice it whilst I was in town.  I did spot the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise at a berth closer to the centre.

All fast alongside Pier 22,  Tromso,  this afternoon.

Parked in Tromso!

A statue in the centre of Tromso,  which appears to be the perfect roost for seagulls!

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Noon Position Report  

All fast alongside Pier 22,  Tromso.

Wind NNE'ly F4
Air Temp 14.8C
Sea Temp 9.9C
Baro 1013.6mb Steady.
Blue skies, dry fine and clear.
Sheltered waters.



Mike Gloistein
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