Electronics Officer's Cabin

Electronics Officer's Cabin

Accommodation on the SDA

This page will show the construction of the accommodation on board the ship.  There are two types of cabins,  those for the Officers and Crew,  which are all single berth,  and those for the Scientists,  which are either single or twin berth.  All cabins are spacious and have en-suite facilities,  TV, telephone and internet.

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Open plan?

Unlike the JCR,  each cabin is not separated from the next by a steel bulkhead,  but partitioning.


The partitioning stored ready to be installed.

Fitting the partitioning
Fitting Partitions

The partitions are fitted to a track that is screwed into the deck.  The partitions are very heavily insulated with minimum penetrations

Toilet Module
Toilet Module

All the cabin bathrooms are modular and were lifted on board long before installing.  Once in place then electrics and water just needed hooking up.

Toilet Module
Science Cabin

Science cabins have traditional porthole windows.  

Toilet Module
Science Cabin - Twin Berth

With a bunk bed and spacious wardrobe,  these  cabins will be comfortable.  Wiring still in progress.

Toilet Module
Extra Wiring!

Some cabins,  in this case the Chief Engineer's,  has additional wiring so that systems can be monitored easily.  This cabin is also their office.

Toilet Module
Captain's Cabin and Office

This is the Captain's cabin and office,  fully completed.

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