Radio Operation

Radio operation is still proving difficult and I did not manage to make any contacts on the passage south.  Depending on workload I will try to get something working when next on board (March to June 2023).

Contact Information
If you wish to contact me I can be reached via e-mail at the following address:
gm0hcq @ (remove the space either side of the @ symbol).
Please note that I am unable to take requests for radio schedules.


QSL Information

I no longer accept QSL cards via the bureau. With both e-QSL and LoTW available I feel that these are easy ways to confirm a contact. Cards can be printed from e-QSL. If you would like a card for contacts please send direct.

If sending direct, please ensure envelopes are at least 160mm x 115mm.

Direct QSL's should be sent to:

Mike Gloistein, GM0HCQ QSL Manager
27 Stormont Way
Perthshire PH2 6SP

For all direct QSL's please enclose a SASE (for the UK) or a self addressed envelope with  2x $1 notes (as postage in the UK has now increased and the exchange rate is so poor) to cover my postal costs. Cards sent direct without either of these will not be QSL'd .

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