James Clark Ross Images

The images below are from the 2011/12 season.  Refit 2014 images are towards the bottom of the page.

At Vernadsky Base

At Vernadsky Base

Working cargo at Bird Island

Discharging fuel drums to Bird Island

Food stores

Tropical barbecue

Preparing to deploy a remote sensing device

Looking down the Upper Deck from Aft

The Galley

Upper Deck Corridor

JCR alongside FIPASS, Falkland Islands

Base cargo in the Scientific Hold

Chemistry Lab

Underway Instrumentation Control Room

Rough Workshop

JCR alongside Biscoe Wharf, Rothera

Main Science Lab

Main Science Lab

Traction Winch Room

Traction Winch Room

Lumpy seas

The result of lumpy seas

Working in the V-Sat communications dome. Pic Hazel Woodland

Working pack-ice on the approach to Signy Base

Cargo on the Aft Deck

Working in the Engine Room

The images below are in no particular order:

Four berth scientist cabin

The Hospital onboard

Rough seas

Fire drill with synthetic smoke

Serving to the Crew Mess from the Galley

Steering Gear Flat (Compartment)

Preparing the aft mooring ropes.

Icing on the Forecastle

Icing on the Forecastle

Cargo Tender iced up.


Steaming at night with the aid of searchlights.

Officer/Scientist Bar

Installing the new radio equipment

The new radio installation (Sailor GMDSS)

The Galley (Refurbished 2009)

Scientific Workshop

The Engine Room

The Bridge, Daytime

Entering Montevideo, Uruguay

At Port Lockroy

The Officer and Scientist Dining Saloon

Operating from the Radio Room

The Engine Control Room

The Main Lab

Looking out at the JCR from Jubany Base.

In sea ice, Signy Island. Coronation Island in the background

In dry-dock.

Heavy weather

Alongside the Biscoe Wharf, Rothera.

In sea ice, Signy Island

Taken at 5000 feet, showing the JCR working pack ice in December 2004

At Signy, South Orkney Islands, 2002

Looking over the Aft Deck, with cargo stored.

Ice accumulation of the Fore Deck

The Radio Room with Skanti equipment, pre-Summer 2009

Chemistry Lab

The Meat Room

Micro-Radiation Lab

Potato Locker

Rough weather

Alongside King Edward Point, South Georgia

With king penguins in the foreground, South Georgia

Looking up the Foremast

Rough weather, looking aft

Breaking waves

The following images are from the 2014 refit period in Denmark.